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Question: Imagine that there is a competition to design a public monument in New Orleans. It must commemorate a historical local event, such as, an aspect of Hurricane Katrina. Write a proposal describing your idea using terms and knowledge from this class. (Do not describe a monument that already exists.)

The paper should include the following:

1. Introduction: what is the historical event? Give your reader some context and describe why you think it is significant enough to commemorate the event with a public monument. (No more than a third of a page or one sixth of your paper)

2. Who or what is commemorated/represented? This is your description of the actual monument. Try to be a clear as possible.

3. What medium/media is used? Choose a medium that we have learned about. Explain your choice. How does your choice compliment what is being depicted?

4. The location of the monument and its relevance. How will this affect those who will see it? Give the exact location (For example, don't just state, City Park, but rather in City Park on the grass 10 feet from the intersection of Orleans and City Park Avenue. Or don't state in the French Quarter, but rather, in Jackson Square in between the current fountain and equestrian statue. Your specific location is important because the reader wants to be able to visualize exactly where it will be. Also this location may be chosen specifically for the event that it is commemorating, and it will also affect how the monument is meant to be experienced.

5. How is the monument meant to be experienced? The location will affect how the public will experience it. For example, if it is located in Jackson Square of the French Quarter, it will be experienced by pedestrians who will be able to spend some time and perhaps pay attention to small details. If however you have your monument in the middle of the neutral ground of a busy street, your audience will be driving by quickly. Also does your monument inspire emotion within the audience? If so what type of emotion? Your description of the subject matter and medium and location may all aid how you wish the viewers to feel about your monument.

Points to think about:

Does the monument have a name?

Does the monument include words?

Is the monument representational or nonrepresentational?

Reference no: EM132280496

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