How does tillich describe god

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Information from the following three articles will help you with this essay assignment.

From Theoretical To Practical: Developing Tillich's Apologetics by Wendy Morrison found at:
Click on Download this PDF File at the bottom left of the web page.


The God above God found at

You might also want to look at: The webpage
contains the article What Is Faith?: An Analysis of Tillich's 'Ultimate Concern'

Write an essay of 500-600 words explaining Tillich's concept of faith. Be sure to include explanations or answers to each of the following issues. Use examples to strengthen your explanations.

1) What does it mean to say that a living being is concerned about something?

2) What is an ultimate concern? What is the relationship between how a person lives her life and her ultimate concern?

3) Can we be mistaken in our faith? What are the consequences of such mistaken faith?

4) How does Tillich describe God?

5) Discuss one important contrast you noticed between Tillich's ideas about faith and the ideas about faith usually found in the church.

Here is a good way to complete the assignment. Take notes for your answers to the questions 1-4. Write up your answers in paragraph form - one for each topic. Use the topics you considered for 1-4 and to help you answer number 5. You will get more points for explaining things in your own words.

Sections 1 - 2 of "Process Philosophy", Online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Theory of Relativity - Factual Implications, All About Science

Dimitar Sasselov: How we found hundreds of Earth-like planets

Agnostics and Agnosticism:

Reference no: EM131051505

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