How does this increase a leaders global competence

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Required 1:

1. Discuss the role of coaching for organizational leaders.

2. Is it primarily to improve what leaders do (behavior) or to improve who leaders are (purpose)?

3. How does this increase a leader's global competence?

Required 2:

Project 3: Executive coaching (exctv_cochng)

Details: Read the Harvard case, Yvette Hyater-Adams and Terry Larsen at CoreState Financial Corp.

o Focus on mentoring, coaching, and discipling concepts.

o How does each apply, or not, to the case?

o What are the issues of the case? How did they occur and why; what is the motivational issue?

o Where are the participants relationally at the end of the case (now)?

o What implications for coaching and mentoring in a global context can be found in the case?

o What recommendations do you propose they follow next (now)?

o Review the case study guidelines in Blackboard.

o Length of paper: 5-7 pages, Times New Romans 12pt; 1.5 line space

Reference no: EM13873813

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