How does this change reflect racial and ethnic diversity
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Create a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation to be given in class on the below prompt. You must be in class to earn full points for this assignment.

In the 2000 census, people of mixed-race were allowed to select more than one race for their racial category. This change reflected a national increase in:

The acceptance of interracial couples

The number of interracial relationships (formal and informal)

The number of individuals who identify with two or more races.

Consider the following:

How does this change reflect racial and ethnic diversity in the US, racial tolerance and the future of race relationships in the U.S.?

Include in the presentation:

An introductory and conclusion slide

References, including at least one reference beyond the textbook (they can be others from the class)

Extensive speaker notes

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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