How does the us federal bureaucracy influence and operate

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U.S. Federal Bureaucracy and Public Policy Worksheet

Part 1 Matrix:

Complete each section of the matrix below. It must include both in text citations and a reference page in APA for all borrowed ideas, facts, or definitions. If citations are not included the paper will be given a zero and turned in for plagiarism


What does this term mean?

How or why is this term important with respect to the U.S. Federal Bureaucracy and the public policy process?

Civil Service



The "Spoils System"



The "Merit System"



The Hatch Act



Administrative Discretion



Policy Implementation



Oversight Controls



Interest Groups



Economic Policy



The "New Deal"



The "Great Society"



Social Policy



Foreign and Defense Policy



Part 2 Short Answer

Write a 250-350 -word response to each of the following questions. You must meet the word count for full credit. Do not copy and paste the information from your book. Read, reflex, then write.

• How does the U.S. Federal bureaucracy influence, operate, and function with respect to implementing economic, social, and foreign policy?

• Also include Define the term "public policy" and the three basic types of public policy. (Use your text book for this definition)

• The steps involved in the public policy process

• The various ways interest groups and citizens can influence the public policy process

Include APA citations for all borrowed ideas, facts, or definitions.

Reference no: EM131421601

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