How does the poem establish the conflicting loyalties

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Keep the following general principles in mind while making the decision and writing the essay:

• Before you select your essay topics read all of them carefully in order to make an informed choice.

• Try to follow the simple but effective structure of

1) introduction/ stating of argument/ thesis;
2) development of argument, including examples;
3) conclusion/ summary of argument.

• Strive for clarity in stating your argument or idea; ask yourself "What point do I want to make with my analysis?"

• Make your argument as compelling as possible and strive for originality; do not simply restate what others have already said; write about what you have to say.

• Your essay should be analytical, not simply descriptive (description should form the basis to your argument and analysis, not an end in itself).

• Give specific examples to bolster your argument(s).

• Take time to briefly outline your essay and its structure beforehand; outlining makes it easier (and faster) to write the essay.

• Do not rush, but pace yourself. Take time to re-read your essay. Run a spelling and grammar check, or go to the Writing Center for help before printing it out and handing it in.

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Below is a passage from the Confucian Analects:

The Duke of She said to Confucius, "In my land there is an upright man. His father stole a sheep, and the man turned him in to the authorities." Confucius replied, "The upright man in my land is different. The father will shelter the son and the son willshelter the father. Righteousness lies in this."

As this anecdote suggests, a society which takes filial piety (xiào?) as its cardinal virtue is sure to encounter contradictions in the application of this virtue-conflicts in which one form of obedience enters into conflict with another.

With this issue in mind, examine the narrative poem "A Peacock Southeast Flew"(Mair, 255-265) How does the poem establish the conflicting loyalties it depicts--say, the relation of parent and child, the relation of husband and wife, and so on? How does it weigh the legitimacy of each bond? Does it aim for a solution, and if so, how successfully is the resolution achieved?

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Reference no: EM13720048

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