How does the overburdened public defense system
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After listening to the interview with Stephen B. Bright, The quality of a legal defense: Does it matter if you're rich or poor, and studying the required readings for the week, please respond to the following:


  • What role does geographic location play a role in the quality of representation provided by the public defender?
  • How does the overburdened public defense system contribute to issues of wrongful conviction?
  • Contrast the legal representation described by Bright to the level of representation available to white-collar, corporate, and environmental crimes.
  • Considering the "war on drugs," discuss what role the "war on drugs" might play in contributing to an overburdened public defense system?
  • What relationship exists between race, the war on drugs, and the overburdened public defender system?
  • How can we solve the problems of an overburdened public defense system and racial discrimination in the criminal justice system?

Your initial post should be at least 350 words in length. Support your claims with examples from the required material(s) and at least one other scholarly resource. Please properly cite in the body of your work and at the end of your work your required references.

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