How does the fly defeat the nests formidable defenses

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Avoiding Detection

You might be familiar with carpenter ants-the ones who often bore into wood and leave little piles of sawdust everywhere. Like other ants, they are fiercely protective of their nests and actively monitor all traffic entering and leaving their network of tunnels. Although carpenter ants have many predators, few attempt to infiltrate their nests. The Microdon fly, however, is one. This fly uses an ant to smuggle its egg into the nest. Once hatched, the fly's young feeds on the ants' larvae until it emerges from the nest as an adult. How does the fly defeat the nest's formidable defenses and avoid detection? It manufactures chemicals to smell like an ant.

You might have the impression that network-based intrusion detection tools, such as network-based intrusion detection systems (NIDSs), are infallible and will sound an alarm the instant a system is compromised. You would be wrong. Like the Microdon fly, attackers are clever and can devise techniques to avoid detection once inside your system's network.

To prepare for this Discussion, locate a network-based intrusion-detection tool (other than an NIDS) on the Internet and study it thoroughly.
Critique the tool you have selected and provide two techniques that an attacker might use to avoid being detected by this tool.


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Reference no: EM131186958

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