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Primary responsibility for leading discussion of a case, and writing up an associated case report. It is your responsibility to update the case to the present, to lead a discussion and provide updated material.

In putting together your presentation and paper, please ensure that you address the following issues. I will look primarily at the content of the paper and presentation (with approximate % emphasis for each portion highlighted below), but issues of style, clarity, use of appropriate visual aids (e.g., tables and graphs), presentation of up-date-date financial figures, and ability to answer questions (presentation only) will also be considered.

Company name zynga

Essay 2 pages with tables

1. How does the firm make money?

2. What is the strategic scope of the company? What products and markets does the firm compete in?

3. What is the firm's Revenue Model? Price, Volume (market size), Ancillary sales.

4. What is the firm's Cost Structure? Direct costs, indirect costs, Economies of scale & scope.

5. What is the Resource Velocity? Rate of value output, lead times, turns, throughput, utilization.

Reference no: EM132280981

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