How does the dilemma impact the pediatric population

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A 2-week-old baby in the ER with possible sepsis for whom the medical student has unsuccessfully attempted a lumbar puncture 2 times.

- Statistical Significance: How does the dilemma or issue impact the pediatric population? Data may be found at the CDC website, Healthy people 2020, and other sources. Graphs or tables are not required. (1-2 slide)

-ANA Code of Ethics: Include 3 provisions that apply to and support your team's direction in solving the ethical dilemma. You must use any combination of provisions 1, 2 or 3 (1 side)

* One (1) scholarly source must be the ANA Code of Ethics Provisions and each position must be supported by a scholarly source.

Please add speaker notes and APA format

Reference no: EM132608919

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