How does the author back it up with evidence

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A) an analysis of any book from the list below, or

B) an analysis of a book not on the list, but if you choose a book not on the list, you MUST CLEAR IT WITH ME FIRST- However, there are many, many suitable books not on this list that would be acceptable and I will generally approve most relevant books;

C) a film, which you MUST clear with me;-I usually do NOT approve of films for extra credit unless the report is well thought out.

D) a research report based on several sources, which you must clear with me....or

E) a report on some direct personal experiences if they are relevant to the course. This might include outside lectures, presentations, participant-observations, or life experiences. Experiences in other countries might be acceptable. Some other possible ones will be suggested by the instructor.

Some of these might only require less than 800 words, depending on the assignment. Check with me. Students are free to make other proposals but any project has to be cleared with me. If you don't clear it with me, you will get nothing.

The paper should be in essay style, answering these four questions:

1. What is the main point that the author is trying to make?

2. How does the author back it up with evidence,etc? What evidence is offered?

3. Do you agree or disagree with the author? On which points?

4. How do you back up your viewpoint-what evidence can you offer to justify your view?

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Reference no: EM13719042

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