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1. What is marginal productivity? Compare it with average productivity. In a particular industry you are familiar with, compare its marginal productivity from average productivity. What would happen if a technological innovation is introduced in that industry's production process? Please explain your answers.

2. How do you differentiate economics from accounting. Illustrate your differentiation.

3. How does technology affect the productivity and cost of the industry you currently work for or you are familiar with? How do the technical and economically efficient concepts shape the long-run average total-cost curve of this industry?

Assume that you have the qualities of an entrepreneur and given a chance to create your own firm, what will it be and how would you characterize your role in the production process?

Reference no: EM13762240

What are differences between the trump and clinton positions

What are the differences between the Trump and Clinton positions and that of the article. List and explain as many differences as you can. What is your opinion on U.S. trade

Describe the leadership characteristics possessed

Describe the leadership characteristics possessed by this person, or explain which important characteristics this person lacks. If you were providing helpful leadership advice

Explain predatory pricing

Which industry is more highly concentrated: one with a Herfindahl index of 900 or one with a four-firm concentration ratio of 78 percent?Assume that each of the remaining fir

Conceptual knowledge and practical application

Objectives: To asses students' understand of the subject and to motivate them towards conceptual knowledge and practical application of the subject. InstructionsLate assignmen

What is the expected value and variance of the number

What is the expected value and variance of the number of defective chips and what is the probability that they discover exactly 9 defective chips in this test?

Accounting for supply by the competitive fringe

The world willingness to pay for oil is given by P = 200 - Q, with P in dollars per barrel and Q in thousands of barrels per month, and OPEC is planning its strategy to set th

Calculate the average total cost at these different sales

Assume that a purely competitive firm is selling 2000 television sets a day at a cost of $90,000. Assume that if the firm sells 1600 units per day, its total cost would be $60

Discuss using an example what are public goods

Why is fishing in the ocean, where there are no well-defined property rights, a concern regarding our ability to ensure sustainable use of our fishing stock? Research what i


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