How does physician behaviors impact the nurse viewpoint

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Q1. Changing the system to become more balanced; that is, how would you attract more people to become primary care physicians:

Suggested ways come from The Robert Graham Center 2009 referenced study:


1. Create more opportunities for students and young physicians to trade debt for service

2. Reduce or resolve disparities in physician income.

3. Admit a greater proportion of students to medical school for primary care

4. Create policies to reduce barriers for which educational debt prevents middle class and poor students from applying to medical school

5. Substantially shift the training of medical students and residents to community, rural and underserved settings.

6. Support primary care departments and residency programs and their roles in teaching and mentoring trainees.

7. Reauthorize and revitalize funding through Title VII, Section 747 of the Public Health Service Act.

8. Study how to make rural areas more likely practice options, especially for women physicians.

9. New medical schools should be public with preference for rural locations.

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The Robert Graham Center (2009). What influences medical student & resident choices

Q2. Everyone deserves to be paid fair market value for their labor. With this being said (written) we should follow our passion and sometimes less is more. Have any of you heard the old saying if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life?

Q3. How does physician behaviors impact the nurse viewpoint about the work environment?

Reference no: EM131333975

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