How does organizational structure at your institution work

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Question: You have a friend that is the manager of an IMCU in another state. Your friend, Rebecca, tells you about the new system at her hospital, with small modular nursing stations in the halls. She tells you how successful it has been in preventing falls, decreasing the time running to get things, and, generally, in decreasing confusion and congestion. It sounds like a great idea, so you do a literature review of research on this modular concept. You now have literature to back up your contention that this would be an effective solution to some problems at your institution.

1- How does the organizational structure at your institution work?

2- If you thought that this change would be beneficial, how would you go about introducing it?

3- How would the culture of "they" impact the process? ("They" usually refers to the powers that be.)

Your response should consist of complete sentences and should be at least one complete paragraph, but it should be no more than three paragraphs in length.

Reference no: EM132280074

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