How does organizational culture impact the change process

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The journal assignments are a private conversation between you and the instructor and thus you are encouraged to deeply explore the concepts of organizational structure and of the organizational leadership and management principles presented.

Important components of the organizing facet of the P-O-L-C framework are organizational structure and culture. Change is inevitable in any company, and managers who understand how to manage change within their organizational structure and culture will be more successful with implementing and sustaining change. First, watch the following TED Talk videos:

Embracing Change (18:03)

This TED Talk, presented by Jason Clarke, examines the choices, and opportunities, presented to us through change.

Lead and Be the Change (5:20)

This TED Talk by Mark Mueller-Eberstein describes the emotional states that people and organizations experience when confronted with change and transformation.

After you watch these videos, address the following questions and prompts in your journal entry based on your experience with organizational culture and change. Consider what you watched in the videos as well as what you have learned in the course up to this point.

• How does organizational culture impact the change process?

• Reflect on your experience dealing with change. Explain whether you are naturally open to change or whether you resist change.

• Based on your experience with change, explain how management helped or hindered the change process.

Reference no: EM131284682

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