How does myelin increase the conduction speed of axons

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  1. What physical thing actually travels down the axon during an action potential? Explain.
  2. How does myelin increase the conduction speed of axons? NOTE: The word "jump" does not appear in the answer.
  3. Describe excitatory synaptic transmission from the arrival of the action potential to the clean up of the neurotransmitter.
  4. Why are there many levels of control in the brain for vital functions like eating and sex?
  5. Why are there 12 cranial nerves going in and out of the brain? Give an answer based on evolution. Note: there are 2 pairs for each spinal cord segment.
  6. In the wild most animals have good eyesight. Many humans have poor eyesight. Assuming that poor eyesight is caused by genes, give a natural selection explanation for the difference (increased percentage of humans with poor eyesight). Count genes.

Reference no: EM132280175

Forkedline diagram to predict the phenotypic distribution

Assume a plant with genotype  GgRr  is crossed to the pure breeding green, smooth parental strain. Use a forkedline diagram to forecast the phenotypic distribution.

Explanation for the dormitory effect

Assume your text provides an interesting explanation for the "dormitory effect", in which women living or sometimes working together tend to synchronize their menstrual cycles

Find the magnitude and direction of the flux

A membrane which is permeable to an uncharged molecule X separates two solutions. Solution A contains a 100 mM solution of X and B 10 mM. If the permeability constant for X is

Explain how one would estimate the population to be

To measure the population density of Monarch butterflies occupying a particular park, 100 butterflies are captured, marked with small dot on a wing, then released, the next

Jellies have sensory organs encircling the bell of the medus

Jellies have sensory organs encircling the bell of the medusa. Why would it be advantageous for jellies to have it? Compare tapeworm and planarian anatomy in relation to thei

Electrons to the electron transport chain

1. What molecules move electrons to the electron transport chain? list them in their high energy form. 2. How does the cell make ATP from the electron transport chain? Briefly

The digestive system are gi tract organs

1. Which components of the digestive system are GI tract organs and which are accessory digestive organs?2. Which organs of the digestive system come in contact with food?3. W

Wrestlers dehydrate abruptly by spending time

Some boxers and wrestlers dehydrate abruptly by spending time in a sauna and sweating a lot in order to lose weight and compete with a lower tier, however this is a serious


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