How does medicalization of sexuality in your example work

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Can you think of an example of medicalization of sexuality?

Focus on a medicalized sexual problem, and find TWO articles from peer-reviewed journals (different articles from what you are assigned to read) that discuss the medicalization of the sexual problem you are focusing on.

How is the problem being defined?

How does medicalization of sexuality in your example work as a form of social control?

What are the institutions that are involved in the medicalization of the problem?

Do NOT summarize the articles. Point out the main arguments, and make connections with each other.    

Newspaper articles are NOT accepted.

Wikipedia is NOT a credible source.

You should choose journals published in the fields of sociology, anthropology, history, gender or sexuality.

If you are not sure about your topic and/or articles you choose, send me an email for confirmation. 

Complete the readings f carefully. BUT you cannot use them for your assignment. 

The word limit is 750.

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Reference no: EM131446288

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