How does encapsulation assist older thinkers

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1. How does encapsulation assist older thinkers?

It helps compensate for declining processes of thinking.
It increases the capacity of short-term memory.
It allows them to begin to deal with abstract ideas.
It increases convergent thinking while inhibiting divergent thinking.

2. Which statement between adult learners and their younger counterparts is true?

Adults are more willing to learn about abstract problems.
Adults tend to be more motivated by internal factors.
Younger learners tend to have a larger variety of experiences on which they can build.
Younger learners have a higher need to know why they should learn something.

3. What conclusion is most accurate regarding the research on ethnic differences in practical intelligence?

There are no ethnic differences in practical intelligence.
Though European Americans tend to score higher, these differences are largely cultural and not genetic.
Caribbean Americans score lower than most groups due to genetic differences.
African Americans tend to score higher than other ethnic groups.

4. Cultural conservator is a style of grandparenting intended to ____________________.

perpetuate a culture
indulge a grandchild
overcome poor parenting
encourage the imagination of the grandchild

5. Compared to European Americans. Latino Americans and African American caregivers are ____________________.

likely to report higher levels of caregiver stress
likely to believe more strongly in filial obligation
less likely to use prayer, faith, or religion as a coping strategy
less likely to be caring for people who are at higher risk of chronic disease and more disabled.

Reference no: EM13181090

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