How does educator leadership skill affect student motivation

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RESEARCH QUESTION : " How does educator's leadership skills affect students' motivation?"

Part One:

Write down your research question in a center of a page, circle it, and jot down around it ideas triggered by the question. Write down the types of information, choices, tasks, and actions you will need to take in order to answer the question. Once you complete this visual map, review it with a practical eye and consider what is doable within the context of your own professional and personal circumstances (Efron & Ravid, 2013, p.82).

Using your brainstorm map, identify three ideas that you would like to develop as potential solutions that you think would be worth trying for addressing your question. Take a picture or scan your map to include with your paper in part two.

Part Two:

In 3-4 paragraphs, briefly describe and discuss three possible solutions (actions you might take) to the problem or issue you have selected for the focus of your AR. Your solutions should be based on the literature and original thoughts regarding possible actions or solutions. The solutions you present must be solutions that, from all appearances, could be used in the type of site where you are conducting your research. For example, you might find that a school in California tried a strategy related to your problem or issue. You believe the solution used in California could be used in your setting, so you include it in your proposal as a possible solution or strategy to implement. You will evaluate each possible solution in light of your work setting and fit with your AR question.

What if through all of your research you don't find solutions that you feel will work perfectly in your current situation? You are also free to devise strategies that have not been tried elsewhere.

You will choose at least one (but possibly all three) of the solutions to present as your proposed plan for implementation in your Action Research Proposal.

In addition to your description of the three possible solutions, select one or more of the solutions for your proposed implementation and describe why you chose the specific solution(s) and explain in detail the steps you will take to implement that solution.

Be sure to include your brainstorming map when you upload your ideas to the discussion board.


Efron, S. E., & Ravid, R. (2013). Action research in education: A practical guide. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Reference no: EM131411764

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