How does county contribute to the human rights violations

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Introduction: In ancient china women could not go to school. Define what is ancient china?.

Demographic: Chinese women (in older days in China)

The Human Rights Violations (Right to Education and the Right to Marry Whom You Want)

1. They can't select a husband. The women must follow orders from family.

2. The woman didn't get educated

Sociological Concepts:

• Social Hierarchy
o Gender inequality
o Social class (in relation to power. For example, a king),
Social Institutions (

• Education

• Institution of Marriage (In China men can have many wives)

• Family (Who runs the family and gets to decide who marries whom)

• How does County (i.e. Government) contribute to the human rights violations?

• Seven laws for women (women get punished by law)

• Women will be punished if they go to school without their husband's permission. They will be punished by the law (Explain How? The women would suffer some type of physical harm

• (Women are punished by culture-the husband will punish his wife)
o Women can't talk to another man
o Women must follow the husbands orders

• What was done to change things for women
o The government was changed (in ancient we had to follow the laws from the kingdom)
o International Human Rights Changed the way China was run

? What did the International Human Rights Do to help the women of China.

Submit an outline of your paper should include each of the following:

1. Topic
a. Demographic information (age, region, social class, ethnicity, gender etc.)

2. Human Rights Violation
a. Which human right are you discussing in project?

3. Sociological Concepts (what will you be discussing in the paper)
a. Social Hierarchy (where would you place the group that are the focus of your research project)
b. Social Institution (which social institutions will you be addressing in the paper)

4. How does the state (law, government, political system) contribute to the human rights violations?
a. Does the law punish individuals?
b. Are there policies in place that contribute to the human rights violation continuing?

5. What solutions/preventions can be put in place? What can be done?

Reference no: EM131010100

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