How does christ help us overcome our obstinate character

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Question: According to C.S. Lewis "Mere Christianity" Book 4

Beyond Personality: Or First Steps In the Doctrine of the Trinity

Answer the following questions:

1) What does Lewis mean when he says that God is outside of time?

2) If we understand that God is beyond time, what difficulties does it solve?

3) How does Christ help us overcome our obstinate character?

4) Describe the essence of each of the two notes

5) What are the two approaches to pretending?

6) Describe the two discoveries that Lewis makes.

7) What does Christ demand of each Christian?

8) What is the function of the call to perfection?

9) How does the illustration of a father''s joy at his child''s first steps illustrate God''s view of the Christian life?

10) What did it cost God to create people who could have rebellious, truly free wills

11) Why must a person surrender himself or herself to God to attain his or her greatest potential?

Reference no: EM13951028

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