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The student will submit an word essay of no less than 1500 words (including footnotes but not bibliography) in which (s)he fully exegetes Song 8:11-14. Students may not collaborate on this assignment.


You must use the following subheadings in your paper. The questions/statements that I feature under them are simply to here to help you to see generally what I am after. You should not put these questions into your paper nor should you write your paper in Q & A style. You are to write an extended essay. Please let me know if you have any questions.

1. Preunderstanding

Before researching this passage, how do you understand the plain-sense meaning? Just read it in a couple of English Bibles and then summarize your thoughts in a brief composition (1/2 page at most).

2. Discussion of Methodology

Briefly state your methodological procedure (1/2 page). How is it that you are going to bring the original, contextual meaning to light (e.g., archaeology, language, iconography)? You may freely take material from your first major paper and incorporate it here, though with some major improvements and developments.

3. Commentary (app. 5 pages)

This should proceed verse by verse and should draw upon required resources and other scholarly resources that you use. These additional resources must include at least two journal articles (use JSTOR - contact librarian if you need help) and at least two scholarly commentaries beyond the assigned course readings.

4. Conclusion

In light of your research, what is that passage about? How does this new perspective contrast with your preunderstanding? Summarize how you came to that conclusion. App. 1 page.

5. Questions for Further Research

If you were to pursue this passage more, where would your research lead you? App. ½ page.

6. Implications for Christian Ministry

Write app. ½ page in which you discuss how this passage may contribute to Christian theology, preaching, ministry or life.

7. Excurses

You may stumble across something that is really interesting that does not fit well into your essay. Please feel free to write a brief excursus on that theme/topic, if you think it worthwhile.

Reference no: EM131037666

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