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Consumer stockholders

We are consumers when we buy corporate stock, just like we are consumers when we buy a pair of jeans. The stock exchange is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and is supposed to be "transparent" to consumers. This means that consumers are entitled to accurate and timely information regarding the securities that they purchase.

Please watch this short video of the New York Stock Exchange, explaining its basic fundamentals. This video will give you the "feel" of what it is like to be on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. You can find more videos on how the stock market works on YouTube.

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Wall Street trader's NYSE Trading Floor Tour

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Q.1. Have you ever wanted to own stock? As a consumer/investor, how do you find out information about stocks? A good resource is Go to this site to look up two stocks: Intel at stock ticker INTC and Apple at stock ticker AAPL. Enter either the company name or the stock ticker in the search box.

Report to us on the current price of the stock, as well as the 52 week price range.

Click on the News and Information Link and the Analyst's Opinion link on left hand side of page and read about these two stocks. Then report on which of these two stocks that you would rather own and why, using some information that you found on the News and Information Link or from the Analyst's Opinion link, or from your own researched sources. You will not receive full points for this question unless you support your purchase opinion with some financial facts from either YahooFinance, or another trusted financial site.

Reference no: EM131294390

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