How do you feel outdoor leadership is important

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1. Describe in detail an outdoor experience you have had that was significant to you in some way. What was positive about it? What was negative? What did you learn from the experience?

2. Describe one person who has influenced you the most towards an interest in the outdoors. What did they do you influence you/motivate you? What do you admire about them?

3. How do you feel outdoor leadership is important/relevant to you?

4. Describe your leadership experience. (This does not need to be specific to the outdoors. This can be personal, professional, volunteer or paid experience). What did you enjoy the most about these experiences? What did you dislike? What major things have you learned from your leadership experience?

5. Why do you want to be an outdoor leader? What skills/characteristics do you possess that you think will make you a good outdoor leader?

Reference no: EM13263297

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