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Most of us are aware of the term "purpose statement" but are unsure of its real meaning within an organization. It is a statement describing the organization's purpose, or the reason for its existence. The purpose of an organization reflects a desired position in the marketplace. It should accurately answer to the questions below. The purpose statement is the written summary of those answers.

• Who are we?

• What do we do?

• For whom do we do this?

• How do we know when we are getting it done?

The purpose statement is the written summary of those answers. The most effective purpose statements are short, concise, and direct. A good purpose statement is between 2-3 sentences.

Answer the four questions above and create a purpose statement for your HR department. Submit the answers to the four questions and the purpose statement to your instructor for review.

NOTE: At this stage, you will need to name your company and decide the service they provide or products they manufacture.

This should be around a half a page, apa style, 12point font, times new roman,

A solid foundation of research will support the theoretical base and practical applications of your strategic plan. Prepare an annotated bibliography of the 10 or more sources you have selected. Submit the completed document to your instructor for review.

For the annotated bibliography and purpose statement you are researching for this :You will create a strategic plan that aligns the human resources (HR) function with the organization's mission, vision, and objectives.

Reference no: EM13967294

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