How do we develop a competitive advantage with our strategy

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What is strategy? How do we develop a competitive advantage with our strategy? How do we sustain that competitive advantage across time?

In your post make sure to (1) Briefly describe some examples you can think of where companies have been off target in attempting to either execute or define a "perceived or possible" strategy. Based on what you have studied thus far in the course, what was their mistake? (2) Briefly discuss your thoughts on whether there is a difference between a strategy and a strategic action?

In order to receive credit the answer must be at least 500 words and please don't just give opinions, support your discussion by citing well vetted information or data.

Reference no: EM131193347

Supervisors do not fully know their subordinates jobs

What happens when HR and management are not in agreement on what to do with an overall strategy? How should HR work through these situations? Why is it that supervisors do not

The company reducing operating expenses

American Airlines' Chapter 11 reorganization plan filed in 2012 involved the company reducing operating expenses by $2 billion, while increasing revenues by $1 billion. The co

What is reputation management

What is reputation management? Explain why companies are concerned about their reputation and its effects on stakeholders. What are the four elements of reputation management?

Cross-functional design teams and concept-to-market time

Given that Chrysler's progress in JIT (and other areas such as cross-functional design teamsand concept-to-market time) was made before the so-called merger of equals with the

Measure the achievement of the organization strategic goals

Read on the company WeaveTech an article found in HBS, WeaveTech: High Performance Change. Then respond to the following: Submit a draft of your strategic and workforce plan.

Capital investment is added for new equipment or processes

Identify how changes within an organization affect the OM strategy for a company. For? instance, discuss what impact the following internal factors might have on OM?strategy: 

Determine how the company can maximize its revenue

A furniture company manufactures tables and chairs. Each table and chair must be made entirely out of oak or entirely out of pine. A total of 15,000 board feet of oak and 21,0

What characteristics do industrial clusters

In addition to the clusters of Silicon Valley of the U.S. and Sassuolo, Italy, Michael Porter identified a cluster for printing presses in Heidelberg, Germany. Others have wri


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