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Supply chain management is an important part of a company''s distribution strategy.

Evaluate REI in this discussion. Outline their current channel and methods of distribution.

How do they use Supply Chain Management? Does it work well? Any suggestions for improvement

Reference no: EM131178732

Scm is significant useful for business devlopment

Write a project report on the given topic " Supply chain management is significant useful for business devlopment" SCM is significantly more than a materials development or tr

How bullwhip measure can be used to analyze supply chains

Describe how the bullwhip measure can be used to analyze supply chains? - Describe some potentially useful categories to include in a factor-weighting analysis for supplier se

Supply chain practices of two or more different companies

Compare the supply chain practices of two or more different companies in the same industry or similar industries.Should one firm adopt another's superior practices, or are the

Blue sky ideas to solve the following problems

Paul ONeill, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, estimates that arguably half of the $2 trillion a year that Americans spend on health care is needlessly wasted. Brainstorm up to

Describe the steps in the production planning process

Describe the steps in the production planning process of a high-volume manufacturer such as Fitter Snacker. Describe Fitter Snacker's production and materials management probl

Provide an example of abc classification in a business

Provide an example of ABC classification in a business you are familiar with. What would be the A inventory items versus B and C? What ordering policies would you use for ea

Specify the problem statement and apply quality principals

Look at the FLOW of the INPUTS, the TRANSFORMATION, and the OUTPUTS of a process. As part of the project expected to recommend ways in which the process can be IMPROVED for mo

Discuss the role of information technology in a supply chain

MO0360 - Discuss the meaning of these two schools of thought in relation to managing innovation in supply chains, whilst relating this to some of the innovation and relation


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