How do soil bacteria participate in the process

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Could you answer this for me? describe how plants function to extract energy from the sun and their contribution to animals. In your answer, describe the major structures and their functional importance (roots, leaves, etc.) How do soil bacteria participate in the process?

Reference no: EM132280517

Ultrastructural connection between these two symptoms

An inherited disorder in humans results in the absence of dynein inflagella and cilia. The disease causes respiratory problems and, in males, sterility. What is the ultrastr

Describe the basic structure and components

Describe the basic structure and components of atoms and reactions essential to life. Describe the significance of carbon in forming the basis of the four classes of biologica

Why do the dissolved nutrients drop in the spring

The division between the mesopelagic and bathypelagic zones. This boundary is about 1000 meters deep, and it is a level at which many physical and chemical changes occur.

Explain how stems cells are can be used to treat diseases

Your friend had a spinal cord injury after a bad car accident. Explain how stems cells are can be used to treat diseases and injury, with special focus on spinal cord injuries

Topic-the immune system

Immunity is a biological term that describes a state of having sufficient biological defenses to avoid pathogens or antigens capable of causing an immune response.  Immunity

How does plant through modifications help the slant to live

Structural modifications to the orchid from the angiosperm Monocot family to leaves, roots, stems, or flowers that result in adaptive functions. How does this plant through

What are genotypes of the adult that were crossed

What are genotypes of the adult that were crossed. 0 percent of a population died from sunburn, of the 10 percent who died 10 individuals were albino and the rest were split e

Describe the osmotic and pressure potential

From this information, calculate the original water potential, osmotic potential and pressure potential of the epidermal cells, In .1M mannitol the epidermal cells neither gai


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