How do social control and social bonding explain conformity

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The Discussion

During this fourth week, we are examining why most people tend to conform in most of their social interactions, while others deviate from the existing social norms. After you have read the reading assignment and lecture for this week, please respond to all parts of the discussion. No plagiarism and proved cited material from text to show you have read. References should also be included at the end of the page as well. NO PLAGARISM ALLOWED. CITE AND REFERENCE EVERYTHING TAKEN FROM ANY SOURCES

1.) Review the section on Asch's Research from your textbook. Describe why the individuals in the Asch experiment usually gave the same answer when they probably knew that it was wrong. How do social control and social bonding explain conformity?

2.)While the pressure to conform is intense, people continue to deviate. Using either Merton's Strain Theory or Becker's Labeling Theory, explain why some people choose to become deviant.

3.)Finally, major crimes occur in our society. Pick a current event (local or national) and describe the crime. Analyze the crime in terms of Durkheim's four major functions of deviance.

Social experiments:

See this video and add thoughts:

Attachment:- Deviance and crime notes.rar

Reference no: EM131076901

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