How do media contribute to the enlightmen of individuals
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"How do media contribute to the enlightmen of individuals? THESIS STATEMENT:Internet considerably contributes to the enlightment of individuals in terms of academic and liberal education. BODY A: TOPIC SENTENCE:Academic resources are available from all parts of the world MAJOR 1: Open digital publication of course materials of universities MINOR 1..METU opencourseware MINOR 2. MIT opencourseware MAJOR 2: Free online libraries MINOR 1 Biblomania MINOR 2 Libraryspot.com BODY B - TOPIC SENTENCE: . Various and functional liberal education sources are also accessible. MAJOR 1. Free virtual encyclopedias MINOR 1 .Wikipedia MINOR 2..Britannica online encyclopedia. MAJOR 1:Ask and answer websites MINOR 1..Answers.com MINOR 2. Yahoo.com (I used 'academic' for formal education and 'liberal ' for general or informal education but maybe you can find better expression for them.And i have to write a conclusion sentence for my outline)

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