How do marketing competencies impact firm performance
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The Impact of Functional Competencies on Firm Performance of Pharmaceutical Industry in Jordan

This research attempts to study the impacts of several major functional competencies on firm performance measures.

In other words, the study aimed to answer the following questions:

1) How do marketing competencies impact firm performance?

2) How do research and development competencies impact firm performance?

3) How do information systems competencies impact firm performance?

4) How do production competencies impact firm performance?

5) How do human resources competencies impacts firm performance?

6) How do functional competencies impact firm performance measures?


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The healthcare sector and the associated organizations like pharmaceutical sector undergo performance improvement on a routine basis. There are several factors that have an affect on the functionality of the organization and its performance as a result. It applies a number of techniques and initiatives so as to improve the clinical outcomes. This further enhances the way patients feel about their association with a particular healthcare organization and their respective experiences. The paper under study is written in the context of bringing about what the healthcare organization and in particular pharmaceutical sector lacks and what parts of the functioning can be improved. The performance of the sector and the results obtained as a result can be outstanding. It has also been analysed how the functional competencies can have an effect on the performance of the organization and the pharmaceutical sector.

In this proposal it has been tried to identify what the real needs of performance improvement initiatives implementation is and how can the improvement be initiated. The information and data has been collected using the industrial details through the related organizations and also through the application of the Internet. A survey was conducted through interviews so as to identify the needs of the audience so that the real reasons and the resultant applications can be identified. This paper thus helps us to understand the way things can change for the pharmaceutical manufacturing domain through the use of different competencies. In particular the survey was conducted for the Jordan area and the Jordanian pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

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