How do humans interact with your organism

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Ecological Context of Chinese Giant Salamander

Explain the ecological context of Chinese Giant Salamander . Use the following questions as a guide but don't limit your research to just answer these questions.

Where does it live?

What type of abiotic factors does it need?

What type of biotic factors does it need?

What biome does it live in?

What role does it have in its food web?

How do humans interact with your organism?

Assignment should be 800-1000 words in length.

Using APA citing, list the sources that you use: websites, books, and lecture slides.

Reference no: EM131447556

Define and derive lineweaver-burk plot

In respect to organic chemistry, define and derive lineweaver-Burk plot. In your answer draw a graph indicating all the parameters of Lineweaver-Burk plot. State its uses an

Draw the mechanism of peptide hydrolysis by bromelin

The enzyme Bromelin is a cysteine protease from pineapple that utilizes a similar mechanism to serine proteases except the serine is replaced by a cysteine. Draw the mechani

Find microorganisms on venus with its extreme enviorment

Realizing microbiology and its study of microorganisms that survive in extera enviornments that are subjected to them, do you think it would be possible to find microorganis

What are two ecosystems in the region

What are two ecosystems in the region where you live (Southeastern US) where you live? What are some examples of intrinsic and instrumental values provided by the ecosystems

Bodily process-behavior

Can someone answer these questions? You had to choose 3 body parts/bodily process/behavior to enhance and I choose to do: back pain, narrow birth canal in women, and bladder

Characteristics of the ideal tissue

1. Compare and contrast the characteristics of the ideal tissue forming the outer surface of the body with that forming the lining of the small intestine. How are they simil

Determining long term effect of energy drink on fruit flies

Suppose you're interested in determining the long-term effect of 5-hour energy drink on fruit flies by studying mutants. Would you undertake a forward genetic screen or a reve

Oxidation-reduction potential difference

The relationship between an oxidation-reduction potential difference and the standard free energy change is (where n is the number of moles of electron transferred, F= Farad


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