How digital media has changed core business processes
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Digital media has changed the ways ideas, information, and arguments in society are communicated both locally and globally. Individuals and organizations frequently use digital media as a means to influence individuals and organizations.

Students are required to identify news stories which demonstrate how digital media has been used to influence or has changed core business processes within organizations or for individuals. You will then create a presentation (using an application like PowerPoint) which interprets and analyzes how the messages within the digital media were used to guide decision-making.

Use of tables, graphs, images, etc. of appropriate size that are relevant to the information being conveyed is highly encouraged.

Content Requirements

                ? Introduction and Synopsis of News Story

                ? Influence on or change to Organization and/or Individual

                ? Analysis of How Digital Media Guided Decision Making

                ? Conclusion and Analysis of Results of Change

                ? Bibliographical slide with minimum of 2 professional / scholarly sources. Wikipedia is not acceptable.

Project must follow APA style


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Digital Media

It is right that digital media has changed the ways, ideas, information and arguments in society are communicated both locally and globally. Today the use digital media has been increased among people so much. Not only among normal users, educational institutions but also in large business organizations digital media has become popular. The digital media can be defined as where media are tools that are used to communicate and digital relates to use of computers. Due to essential features of digital media it has become popular among people. Communication and sharing among people has become so easy.

Here we have a news article that represents how digital media has putting influence on business processes. Actually according to analysis we able to know that digital media has provided several benefits to business organizations. Here in this report we will also discuss about both negative and positive impacts of digital media on business. The purpose of this presentation is to analysis the value of digital media in our lives. Web services & Applications, Social Media Market and various online software applications are examples of digital media.

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