How different audience members may interpret the message
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Analyzing Entertainment Media

For assistance completing this assignment, view the Media Literacy Skills (https://ashford.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/JRN+101+Media+Literacy+Skills/0_v55o2nbo) video for an overview of media literacy concepts and tutorial for how to conduct your analysis.

Nowadays, we look to all forms of media for our entertainment. Whether is a television series, surfing the web for the latest celebrity news, or engaging in an addictive game on our smartphones, there is no shortage of entertainment options. As we discovered in Week Two in our analysis of news media, there are also underlying messages in entertainment media.

This week, you will select a favorite television show or movie to analyze. It is suggested that

For the analysis, you must:

• Identify the author of the message.

• Explain the creative techniques used to capture the attention of the audience.

• Identify and explain the values and points of view that are contained within the message and those that are omitted from the message.

• Discuss how different audience members may interpret the message.

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