How did their project plan differ from the project charter

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The case study attached required to evaluate project management implementation with the following elements: (these all must be included)

1. Project planning, initiation, and project charter development and effectiveness

2. Risk management, top-down budget estimation, and bottom-up budget estimation

3. Project activity and work breakdown structure management

4. Integration of project management knowledge areas

Included an assessment of the effectiveness of the project proposal and selection process, scope management, work breakdown structure development and implementation, and integration of project management knowledge areas.

At the very end of the case study there are 6 questions,

for Case:- Automative Builders, Inc.: the Stanhope Project

The Questions are:-

1. How did ABI handle forecast risk?

2. Were ABI's Stanhope site costs in Table 2 derived by a top-down or bottom-up process? Why?

3. What are the answers to Steve White's questions?

4. What other factors are relevant to this issue?

5. How do the changes in assumptions mentioned by the other managers affect the proposal?

6. What position should Jim take? Why?

for case:- Heublein: Project Management and Control System


1. Which of the project planning aids described in the chapter was used in the case?

2. How did their Project Plan differ from the Project Charter described in the chapter?

3. How did their WBS differ from that described in the chapter? How did their accountability matrix differ?

4. Compare this project with the Project Portfolio Process in the reading for Chapter 2. Was it successful?

5. What was wrong with the previous focus on costbenefit? Does the PM&C system still include a cost-benefit analysis?

6. Why did lagging depreciation legislation increase the importance of using capital funds optimally?

Your main ideas responses to the questions should be supported by project management concepts.

Attachment:- Project-Management-and-Control-System.rar

Attachment:- Automotive-Builders.rar

Reference no: EM131142472

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