How did the structure of cities begin to change
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Looking for some help on this assignment. There are 3 sections of questions we are looking at. We only have to choose one question per section to answer. So section 1 just choose one of the 2 questions to answer. Same for section 2, and once again choose one question in section 3. There is no set word amount, just need to answer the questions fully. If we reference anything the reference needs to be sited.

Section 1: Renewable Energy

  • Why is it important for renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels? What are the prospects for getting it done?
  • What are some ways of converting biomass to useful energy? What is the potential environmental impact of each?

Section 2: Sustainable Communities and Lifestyles

  • How did the structure of cities begin to change after World War II? What factors were responsible for that change?
  • What is smart growth? What are four smart-growth strategies that address urban sprawl?

Section 3: When Heaven and Earth Are One

  • What is kingdom work? What is not kingdom work? Do you think there is anything in between? Explain your answer.
  • Select one cultural development and describe the good and evil forms taken by human activity in that area. Apply the concept of shalom to your analysis.

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