How did the researchers conduct their measurement

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Summary of the Behavior Analytic Journal Article

Be sure to type your answers under each question.

Author(s)' last name(s) followed by first initials:

I) Introduction

a) List the main reasons why the authors decided to conduct this study. How did they justify what they did? (At least 1 paragraph):

b) Write the specific questions the author(s) asked or the hypothesis they wanted to test (usually found in the last paragraph of the introduction).

Be sure to write it as a question (i.e- What will happen to the tantrum behavior when the DRO treatment plan is implemented) or in "If/Then" statement (i.e- If the DRO treatment is implemented, it is anticipated that the tantrum behavior of the children will decrease).

c) How does this article interest you? How does it relate to the teaching you plan to do? (At least 1 paragraph)

Methods. Precisely describe.

a) the participants, including personnel, students, others

b) The setting (location, physical arrangements)

c) What was measured? (Usually particular behaviors)

d) How did the researchers conduct their measurement? Did they use instruments, score sheets etc.?)

e) What did the authors do to convince readers the measures were reliable or dependable: (1 point) valid (measured what they were supposed to):

f) Describe the procedures. (Who did what, how, with whom, where, when, how often, and for how long?). (At least 2 paragraphs)

III. Results

Say what happened as a result of the methods being used. (You may wish to use the attached templates to sketch the results.) (At least 2 paragraphs)

IV. Discussion and Conclusion.

a) List the main issues the authors discussed (At least 2 paragraphs)

b) Refer back to the specific question the authors asked and indicate their answer (conclusion.)

V. Your own comments. (i.e- How will you apply what you learned? What are your experiences? What was your favorite point, etc.) (At least 3 paragraphs)

Reference no: EM132280692

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