How did mulcahys life and professional experience contribute

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Reference no: EM131076372 , Length: 9-10 slides

Guidelines for Submission: Submit a presentation of 7 PowerPoint slides, using the slide and notes appropriately to convey meaning. Any sources should be formatted according to APA style.

Please also use citation and references. No plagiarism. First, read the attached file Harvard Business Review case study "Anne Mulcahy: Leading Xerox Through the Perfect Storm."

Then prepare a PowerPoint presentation that examines the topics listed below.

Where necessary, please include presentation notes to complement slide content. The PowerPoint text, with notes, has to include sufficient detail to show response to the following questions below.

How did Mulcahy's life and professional experiences contribute to her personal application of the four dimensions of EQ (emotional intelligence) and AL (authentic leadership)? Provide examples.

When Mulcahy became COO, in what ways did she use EQ and AL to navigate a challenging organizational landscape? Explain your reasoning.

Does Mulcahy use power, influence, or both? Provide a specific example to support your perspective.

Attachment:- Anne Mulcahy - Leading Xerox through the Perfect Storm.pdf

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Reference no: EM131076372

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