How did malcolm actions help to significantly expand rights

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How did Malcolm X's philosophy, tactics and actions help to significantly expand the rights and freedom of African Americans as compared to other civil rights leaders and organizations?

Reference no: EM13744257

Write an essay that describe impact of chinese civilization

Write an essay that Describe the impact of Chinese civilization on its neighbors in Asia. What were the salient features of the cultural phenomenon? What were the agents of

Would you agree to engage in a strike

How did the growth of big business impact the American dream? Explain which leisure opportunities could be part of the American dream. What part did the anti-immigration senti

Write a response about the given post

The United States accused the Soviet Union of breaking all its wartime pledges and holding Eastern Europe hostage while trying to subvert governments in the west. The Soviet

What can we predict about the future of space travel

This time period saw the landing of a man on the Moon as the culmination of an American space program lasting over two decades. How were domestic and international politics

How has your thinking influenced about cultural diversity

How has your thinking about categories such as the color-line, mestiza consciousness, borderlands, minority-majority sexuality, or ability-disability changed or influenced t

What way did mussolini find fault with western societies

In what way did Mussolini, Hitler and the authors of the 'Cardinal Principles' find fault with mainstream Western societies and their social and political values?

What extraordinary advantage did alexander have at his birth

What extraordinary advantages did Alexander have at his birth (= his physis)? Know who his father Philip II was--and the great potential of Macedonia as a land and powerful

Does increase in immigration lead to an increase in crime

An increase in immigration may lead to an increase in different types of criminal activitydescribe and summarize the data sources that deals with research question above and e


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