How did different social need spur technological development

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A. Analyze the role of adaptation to climate changes in hominid development.

B. Explain the importance of technological developments in the emergence of early Afro-Eurasian societies. How did different social needs spur technological developments? How did different technological developments shape certain societies?

C. Compare the territorial states of Southwest Asia with the more modest state of Shang China. What factors encouraged or prohibited the development of strong territorial states?

D. Compare the rise of the Zhou state to the Neo-Assyrian state and Persian Empire. How did each state attempt to achieve integration of its realm?

E. How did migrating peoples affect the Afro-Eurasian empires after 1200 BCE? Discuss the origins of these migrating peoples, the states they disrupted, and ways in which they aided cultural integration.

F. Explain how Vedic rulers achieved cultural integration in South Asia and account for the differences between ?South Asia's path to cultural integration and that of Mesopotamia and Egypt.


Reference no: EM131256811

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