How development affected potential gdp and productivity

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Q. Industries do not need to be concerned about striking a balance between cost effect and output effect when making production decisions in which of following markets?

Q. During course of twentieth century, average workweek in United States has gotten shorter and Americans have enjoyed greater amounts of leisure time. How has this development affected potential GDP and labour productivity?


Reference no: EM1367527

Stock market crash end up collapsing the whole economy

How did speculation contribute to the stock market crash of 1929? Cite two examples of speculation at the time. Given that only 10% of households held any stocks, how did the

Plummeting home prices generated a substantial reduction

Between early 2008 and the beginning of 2009, a gradual stock-market downturn and plummeting home prices generated a substantial reduction in U.S. household wealth that induce

Firms operating in short run in perfectly competitive market

Your firm is one of 100 identical firms operating in the short run in a perfectly competitive market. Your total cost function (short run and long run) is C = 800 + 25 q + 0.5

Trade deficits and the widening current account deficit

At the moment, the market is completely ignoring things like record US trade deficits and the widening current account deficit. It is also largely ignoring the possibility of

The opportunity-cost ratio-international exchange ratios

Suppose that the opportunity-cost ratio for watches and cheese is 1C ? 1W in Switzerland but 1C ? 4W in Japan. At which of the following international exchange ratios (terms o

Quarter million dollar challenge

Nutritional Sciences LLC sponsor the “Quarter Million Dollar Challenge,” a contest requiring contestants to use the company’s nutritional products and training plants to lose

Short and long run production for perfectly competitive firm

Analyze the differences between short and long run production for a Perfectly Competitive Firm. In your analysis, explain the theoretical conditions that govern the market str

Expected to last only for the guarantee period.

Jean believes the batteries can be expected to last only for the guarantee period. She does not want to invest extra money in a battery unless she can expect a 50% rate of ret


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