How could the soil in the great plains be described

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Question 1

The newly freed African-Americans needed __________ after the war.

a. to go back to Africa

b. education

c. to move North

d. none of the above

Question 2

Which of the following is a term given to farmers who rented land to farm?

a. tenant farmer

b. sharecropper

c. carpetbagger

d. both tenant and sharecropper

Question 3

Which amendment abolished slavery?

a. Fourteenth Amendment

b. Fifteenth Amendment

c. Twelfth Amendment

d. Thirteenth Amendment

Question 4

Which of the following was a provision of the Compromise of 1877?

a. a southerner on the Presidential cabinet

b. military troops only stayed in areas were freed African-Americans lived

c. full voting rights for freed African-Americans

d. plantation restoration

Question 5

The Republicans nominated ________ to run for President in 1876.

a. Rutherford Hayes

b. Samuel Tilden

c. Ulysses Grant

d. Abraham Lincoln

Question 6

A large group of ____________ made up the labor force on the Central Pacific railroad track.

a. Native Americans

b. Irish Immigrants

c. Chinese Immigrants

d. African-Americans

Question 7

The Homestead Act was passed to

a. settle western territory.

b. settle Alaska.

c. settle the South.

d. start new Plantations.

Question 8

How could the soil in the Great Plains be described?

a. Dry

b. Thick with grass roots

c. Muddy

d. Dusty

Question 9

Select statement below that is true.

a. White men wanted to live in peace with the Native Americans.

b. White men kept moving the Native Americans farther west when they wanted the territory.

c. White men began to practice Native American customs.

d. The federal government wanted Native Americans to assimilate by quickly giving them full ownership of land.

Question 10

He built the Central Pacific track of the Transcontinental Railroad.

a. Cornelius Vanderbilt

b. Thomas Durant

c. Leland Stanford

d. Andrew Carnegie

Question 11

Mass production was facilitated by

a. the railroad.

b. factorization.

c. better dies.

d. all of the above

Question 12

Select the statement below that is true.

a. Many girls worked in cotton mills to pay for their college education.

b. Many girls worked in cotton mills to get free schooling

c. Many girls worked in cotton mills to pay for a male family member's education

d. Many girls worked in cotton mills because there were no other opportunities for women.

Question 13

________ improved transportation and communication in the late 1800s.

a. The Bessemer Process

b. The telephone

c. Electricity

d. all of the above

Question 14

________ businesses decide what to produce and how to produce it.

a. In a merchant economic system

b. In a free market economic system

c. In a command economic system

d. none of the above

Question 15

This is added to iron to make steel.

a. Copper

b. Hydrogen

c. Carbon

d. Silver

Question 16

Whose first business was a ferry service?

a. Henry Frick

b. Cornelius Vanderbilt

c. John Morgan

d. Andrew Carnegie

Question 17

a. Standard Oil is an example of

b. horizontal integration.

c. vertical integration.

d. economies of scale.

Question 18

A laissez-faire attitude about the role of government means the government should

a. enact policy that supports the people.

b. not have any role in business affairs.

c. play a limited role in business

d. only play a role in business that provides a lot of jobs

Question 19

_______ industry gained the most people during the period between 1880 and 1890.

a. Trade and transportation

b. Agriculture, fisheries, and mining

c. Professional service

d. Manufacturing and mechanical

Question 20

This legislation called for the creation of civil service tests.

a. The Pendleton Civil Service Act

b. The Civil Service Commission

c. The Spoils Act

d. None of the above

Question 21

According to Socialist theory, industrial competition

a. keeps the economy flowing.

b. helps the economy.

c. caused a lack of jobs.

d. contributed to the economic gap between the rich and the poor.

Question 22

Factory workers' demands included ______________ in the late 1800s.

a. company stock

b. shorter working hours

c. insurance

d. all of the above

Question 23

Wobblies are members of

a. the Knights of Labor.

b. Industrial Workers of the World.

c. American Federation of Labor.

d. Collective Guilds.

Question 24

In union terms, scabs

a. led boycotts.

b. called for strikes.

c. were hired to replace striking workers.

d. were anarchists.

Question 25

He founded the Industrial Workers of the World.

a. Terence Powderly

b. Samuel Gompers

c. Eugene Debs

d. George Pullman.

Reference no: EM13729547

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