How colonisation affected and changed indigenous governance
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Questions: How has colonisation affected and changed Indigenous governance and leadership in Australia?

Your essay should be presented as a Word document, font size 12. Provide a separate reference list page with relevant reference details.

Words: 2000 words. (Excluding references).

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    Words: 2000 words. (Excluding references). Your essay should be presented as a Word document, font size 12. Provide a separate reference list page with relevant reference details. References should be formatted in CDU Harvard referencing style. Assessment Criteria - The assessment criteria give information on how your assessment will be marked. Read this carefully. You will be assessed on your ability to: express in your own words, what you have learned through the readings and your own additional research (10%) use evidence and reason to support your findings, arguments and opinions (10%) introduction which maps out the focus of the essay and a conclusion/summary (10%) present your paper adequately- with correct spelling, grammar, referencing (10%).

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