How civic responsibility improve intercultural interactions

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Question: Students are required to submit a 1000-word (minimum) midterm paper, which will count for 30% of their final course grade. The student must do the following in this paper: Cultural Reflection: The student will discuss how his/her culture has shaped his/her identity and world view. Cultural Comparison: The student will compare his or her culture to a different culture. Cultural Accommodation: The student will consider how an individual can adjust his/her actions to successfully interact with someone from another culture. Civic Responsibility: The student will discuss his/her civic responsibilities as a member of a particular community. The student should also describe the degree to which he/she meets those responsibilities. What steps could be taken to improve civic engagement nationwide? Culture and Civic Responsibility: What is the relationship between culture and civic responsibility. How can civic responsibility improve intercultural interactions? Philosophical Engagement: Somewhere in the course of this paper, the student should incorporate significant references to at least two thinkers we've discussed this semester.

Reference no: EM132184096

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