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Attackers are always searching for new attack vectors and vulnerabilities. Most of these attacks target computing systems to gain access to information. In recent years a new type of cybercriminal focuses on monetary gain. Ransomware is one type of monetary gain tool used by cybercriminals. Identify at least three attacks that are current. What did they do? Where they successful? How where they spread? Would you recommend to a client to pay the ransom or not? How can you protect yourself from this type of attack?



Reference no: EM132184018

How is maintenance planned and controlled

Does your organization collect quantitative data on maintenance activities? If so, what type of data, and how are they used to guide and improve the maintenance process? If

Display a message listing the options

When the application starts, the text area will display a message listing the options which can be selected. As the user selects and deselects options, the proper additions

Compute monthly payment for car

Compute the monthly payment for $ 22,000 car with a $3,500 down payment and $500 trade-in if term of loan is 5 years and the annual interest rate is 5%.

Write a method for the queue class in the queue

You should show the queue contents from the first item inserted to the last, without indicating to the viewer whether the sequence is broken by wrapping around the end of th

Significant difference of typical salary for system analyst

Is there a significant difference between typical salaries for system analyst, designers, and developers? What is the difference between typical salaries for these different g

Discuss roles in a pci dss security assessment

The primary roles involved in a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) security assessment are merchant, merchant's security personnel, merchant's networking p

Standard of electronic industries association of america

For connecting modem a computer, a computer must be equipped with a port that conforms to the RR-32 standard of the electronic industries association of America. What do the

Determine the force developed in spring ab

The coefficient of static friction between the belt and the rim of the wheel is µ=0.2, and between the belt and peg Cµ'S=0.4 . The pulley at B is free to rotate


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