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1. Today's complex organizations often require the smooth, integrated functioning of teams across several functional areas. Leading of a team of diverse individuals is quite a challenge.

Encouraging the effective collaboration of multiple teams of diverse individuals is even more challenging and requires skilled leaders who can understand and impart organizational vision to team members. Skilled leaders must also foster leadership skills in others to achieve collaboration and organizational success.

Imagine yourself in the complex situation of ensuring the integrated functioning of multiple teams. How prepared are you for such a challenge? What knowledge and skills will you need to acquire on your own leadership development journey to successfully prepare for such a challenge?

2. Leadership positions within teams can often be fluid and dynamic. Circumstances may require an individual to step forward and lead in some situations and then adopt the role of follower in others.

As a leader, how do you know when it is appropriate to lead and when it is appropriate to follow? How can you foster leadership skills in your team members so they too feel confident enough to lead when the situation calls for it?

Reference no: EM132183812

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