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As you know, social justice and advocacy are important aspects of counseling. As such, groups exist that are dedicated to advocating for specific cultural groups.

Research and choose one of these advocacy groups that you connect with. What is the name of the group and what issue(s) are they advocating?

How can you become involved with the group and why do you think it would be important to get involved?

What process does the advocacy group you researched use to address institutional and social barriers that impede access, equity, and success for clients? 150 word min. with reference apa style

Select two different cultural populations. What strategies would you use to address prevention, treatment programs, and positive change (staying abstinent) for each of the selected populations?

What factors would contribute to these groups being at risk for increased drug or alcohol problems? 150 word min. with reference apa style.

Reference no: EM132191139

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