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The website of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) describes their organization as follows: "The DMA is the world's leading independent organization for data-driven marketers. Our vision is for a world in which every marketer has the ability to provide their customers with exactly what they need, at precisely the right moment when they need It."

They hold a conference every year, with keynote addresses by leaders in the field of Direct Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. One such keynote address was by Don Peppers, who is the co-founder of one of the leading CRM consulting companies in the US called the Peppers Rogers Group.

Watch the 48-minute video of the keynote address by Don Peppers at or peppers-dma.

While you are watching the video, make a note of the key points that Don Peppers brings up in his talk.

Question 1- Write a detailed summary of the talk. Bullet points are acceptable.

Question 2a- Pick any company that has a large number of customers. How can this company use the concepts of "trust, "relationships," and "customer-centricity" mentioned by Don Peppers to become more profitable?

Question 2b- Contact any, one company that has a large number of customers. You can pick a local company in Cedar or a company anywhere in the world. Try and find out whether they are product-centric or customer-centric.

Reference no: EM13848102

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