How can scf and acl develop positive long-range relationship

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After reading the case, answer the following questions:

·Should Shell Case Fabrications (SCF )accept or reject Air Connection Links' (ACL) request? Which option would you select? What risks are involved?

·How should SCF negotiate with ACL? How can SCF and ACL develop a positive, long-range relationship? Give some specifics.

You will need to identify your own thoughts and cite specific passages from the case to support your point of view. Your response should be a minimum of one page in length written in standard essay form following APA style guidelines.


Shell Case Fabricators


Shell Case Fabricators (SCF) designs and builds shell casings that enclose electronic products such as calculators. cell phones, modems. Typically the cases are plastic or plastic compounds. SCF has six different production lines that covet different types of product. For example. the largest high volume production line for modems can produce three different colors and two models (vertical and flat) Air Connection Links (ACL) is the biggest customer that buys product from this line. This high output line now runs at full capacity on an eight-hour shift. The other five lines run smaller quantities and tend to meet the needs of other specialty products manufactured by different smaller firms.

Ninety-five percent of SCF's product casings line is designed by the original hardware manufacturer. Getting a casing to the production stage requires a great deal of collaboration and interaction between the original hardware and case de¬sign manufacturer (e.g., ACL) and SCE's shell design engineers and production department. The latest new product of ACL is a modem designed to be used for monitoring water activity in bays. e.g.. ship traffic, pollution. floating debris. Be¬cause of the product's high functionality and low cost, potential demand for the new product is out of sight. It seems every country with small bays used for ship¬ping wants enough underwater modems to cover their respective bays.

Reference no: EM131379601

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