How can on protein kinase control

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In yeast, there is a single CDK that catalyzes both the G1/S and G2/M transitions. How can on protein kinase control these two very different cell cycle transitions?

Reference no: EM13150046

The brain and spinal cord-pain-controlling chemicals

The brain and spinal cord are two components of the______. Pain-controlling chemicals in the bodyare called. The division of the nervous system thatallows the brain and the sp

What are the pros and cons of the specific energy source

What are the pros and cons of the specific energy source you researched? Evaluate the pros and cons based on these criteria: Can your energy source stand alone to meet future

Inserting mrna molecule into cytoplasm of eukaryotic cell

In an experimental situation, a student researcher inserts an mRNA molecule into the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell after she has removed its 5' cap and poly-A tail.

The science of life

Test to take today. It is a timed test. It gives you a 4 hour duration. Mostly Multiple Choice. Once I start the Test, I cannot stop it. Any Takers? Topic is Biology. The test

Describe hypothetical synapomorphies

Different genera represented in your group of six. Be sure your format for writing scientific names is correct Give proper scientific names to six hypothetical animal specie

Nervoussystem-kidneys and urinary system

An old man while eating suddenly has difficulty speaking andnotices numbness and weakness in his face and arm. base ofphysiology what you think is happening? what anatomic s

Transcribed in a stripe of blastoderm cells

A segment polarity gene in Drosophila, (odd) is transcribed in a stripeof blastoderm cells. Transcription of this gene is thought tobe repressed by the Krgene product in the b

Produce hybrids upon reaching sexual maturity

Red wolves, which are rare, can mate with coyotes, which are not rare, and produce hybrids upon reaching sexual maturity. For the sake of argument, we will call the hybrids


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